Zuri Awards

Grace Nyokabi Ruiru

The Soil Inventory


Introducing Grace Nyokabi Ruiru, the passionate founder and lead agronomist at The Soil Inventory! With a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from Chuka University and a Master of Science in Agronomy finalist at Egerton University, Grace is dedicated to revolutionizing farming practices and promoting food security.

The Soil Inventory, founded in 2017, aims to bridge the gap between research, academics, and practical farming. From farmer education to hosting field days, farming, and offering consultation services, T.S.I. is committed to empowering farmers with knowledge and resources.

Grace’s dream? To establish the leading agri-hub in technology, mechanization, and agro-tourism, not just in Kenya but beyond! #FoodSecurityIsNigh

With physical locations in Nyandarua and Nakuru counties, The Soil Inventory serves as a one-stop shop for farmers, offering everything from agro-inputs to consultation services.

Mission: To lead agricultural production, inspire farmers, and provide beneficial platforms for agricultural development.

Vision: To become the premier agricultural hub, setting the standard for production, technology, and agribusiness, both nationally and internationally.

Business Statement: An informative, practical, and networking enterprise dedicated to empowering farmers and agricultural input manufacturers. 

Mary Karoki

Onja Foods


Meet Mary Karoki, a dynamic entrepreneur on a mission to revolutionize the food industry with her innovative venture, Onja Foods. At 31 years old, Mary is the driving force behind Onja Foods, an agri-processing food business dedicated to providing alternative food solutions to wheat.

Inspired by the desire to create awareness and promote healthier options, Mary founded Onja Foods with a focus on value addition to indigenous and drought-tolerant crops such as cassava, chickpea, and sweet potato. Through careful processing, Onja Foods produces high-quality flour from these nutritious crops, which is then transformed into a variety of delicious pastries.

With a passion for sustainability and community development, Mary is committed to supporting local farmers and promoting the cultivation of these resilient crops. By harnessing the power of indigenous ingredients, Onja Foods not only offers consumers healthier alternatives but also contributes to food security and economic empowerment in the community.

Under Mary’s leadership, Onja Foods is poised to make a significant impact on the food industry, paving the way for a more sustainable and nutritious future. Join Mary on her journey to revolutionize the way we think about food and embrace the power of indigenous crops with Onja Foods.