Public Service Nominees


The Outreach and Resource Base for HIV Awareness


As the Team Leader of Outreach and Resource Base (ORB), Olive Wambui plays a pivotal role in advancing HIV awareness and community support. Here’s how she oversees and coordinates the organization’s initiatives on a day-to-day basis:

Strategic Planning: Olive collaborates with her team to develop and refine strategic plans that align with ORB’s mission and goals.

Team Coordination: She provides leadership and guidance to ensure a collaborative and supportive working environment within the team. Regular meetings are held to discuss projects, share updates, and address challenges.

Program Development: Olive continuously assesses the community’s needs and designs targeted programs to address gaps in HIV awareness and support.

Community Outreach: Olive and her team organize and participate in outreach events, workshops, and educational sessions to engage with local communities.

Resource Management: She oversees the allocation of resources, ensuring that materials, information, and tools required for outreach and awareness campaigns are readily available. Collaborations and

Partnerships: Olive establishes and maintains partnerships with local organizations, healthcare providers, and community leaders to enhance the impact of ORB’s initiatives.

Advocacy and Education: Olive actively engages in advocacy efforts, representing ORB in discussions with stakeholders and participating in educational activities such as awareness campaigns and digital outreach.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Regular monitoring and evaluation of ORB’s programs help Olive assess their effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

Community Engagement: Olive focuses on building strong connections within the community by participating in events, collaborating with influencers, and maintaining open communication channels.

Adaptation and Innovation: Olive encourages adaptability and innovation within ORB to explore new approaches and technologies for enhancing impact in HIV awareness and support.

Through Olive’s leadership and dedication, ORB strives to make a positive and lasting contribution to HIV awareness, support, and community well-being.


The Dash Organisation


Meet Benta Wairimu, a fourth-year student at Meru University of Science and Technology, and the visionary founder of The Dash Organisation! Committed to fostering hope and instigating positive change, Benta leads a charitable entity dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by marginalized individuals in her community.

Growing up during the HIV epidemic, Benta witnessed the profound impact on vulnerable children left without parental care. Motivated by the need to bridge the gap between support and gratitude, she founded The Dash Organisation. The Dash Organisation brings together young individuals to support those in need, including orphans, individuals with terminal illnesses, children on the streets, and people with disabilities. Their mission? To brighten lives, reignite hope, and bring smiles to faces by instilling a sense of love, wellness, and compassion.