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Women in Sustainable STEM Africa (WISSA)


Introducing Nancy Maina: Meet Nancy Maina, a passionate and driven civil engineer, technology enthusiast, and advocate for sustainable development.

With a deep commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, Nancy serves as a Google Women Techmakers Ambassador, working tirelessly to empower women to pursue careers in STEM fields. Drawing from her background in civil engineering, Nancy brings a unique perspective to her advocacy efforts, leveraging her technical expertise to inspire and mentor aspiring female technologists. As a Women Techmakers Ambassador, she champions initiatives that aim to bridge the gender gap in technology and create more opportunities for women in STEM. In addition to her role as a Women Techmakers Ambassador, Nancy is also the innovator and founder of Women in Sustainable STEM Africa (WISSA). Through WISSA, Nancy is dedicated to advancing women’s participation and leadership in sustainable STEM fields across the African continent.

By creating a supportive and inclusive ecosystem, WISSA aims to foster collaboration, mentorship, and skills development for women in STEM, with a focus on sustainability, environmental conservation, and green technologies. With Nancy Maina leading the charge, WISSA is poised to make a meaningful impact on women’s representation in STEM and drive positive change towards a more sustainable future for Africa and beyond.




Susan Gatura is a Senior Analytics Specialist at the Multichoice Group, leveraging technology for positive change. She established Phoenix_KE_Analytics to address gender disparities in the tech industry and foster diversity.

Here’s an overview of the daily operations at Phoenix_KE_Analytics: Training Programs: Implementing targeted training programs is a key focus. These programs equip participants, particularly women in technology, with essential skills and knowledge in data analytics. Workshops, online courses, and hands-on projects provide practical experience.

Mentorship Initiatives: Facilitating mentorship relationships is crucial. These connections offer guidance, career advice, and insights into the tech industry, fostering professional development and building a supportive community.

Community Engagement: Actively engaging with the community through workshops, seminars, and networking events raises awareness, shares industry insights, and provides networking opportunities. This fosters a sense of belonging and inclusion in the tech sector.

Strategic Partnerships: Building and maintaining partnerships with educational institutions, industry leaders, and like-minded organizations are ongoing efforts. These collaborations facilitate resource-sharing, expand reach, and enhance the effectiveness of initiatives.

Through these daily endeavors, Phoenix_KE_Analytics aims to promote diversity and inclusion within the tech industry, empower women in technology, and contribute to positive change in the broader tech ecosystem.




Asha Makana Panyako is a highly self-driven individual passionate about mentoring and teaching coding to young girls in underprivileged communities. Here’s an overview of her initiatives:

CodeYetu: Founded in 2018, CodeYetu is a community-based organization dedicated to teaching children from underserved communities how to code. They conduct coding classes for over 200 students every weekend, reaching children in children’s homes, slums, and rescue centers across four counties in Kenya. Their vision is to empower young girls with digital skills to overcome obstacles brought about by their background. Asha’s aspiration is to scale CodeYetu to reach more children and advocate for digital skills education in underserved communities across Africa.

She believes in the transformative power of community, partnerships, and shared goals to effect positive change in the world.